Working as a producer and mixer from his studio in Oxford UK, Dan has worked with a wide range of artists including SOULS, Richard Walters, Martin Phipps, Haim, Sheridan Tongue and Tom Adams.

If you’d like to work with Dan or discuss rates and availability for production or mixing please  get in touch. He is also available for cycling holidays, discos and racing in the street, on a first come, first served basis.

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As a producer and recordist, Dan has a particular interest in using analogue equipment and recording techniques, and has built up a large collection of tape machines, synths, delays, reverb and distortion units. He also has a wide network of trusted friends, musicians and instrumentalists he collaborates with regularly, including string quartets, vocalists, jazz soloists, improvisers and classical percussionists.


Q. How do you record music?

I focus on what is most appropriate for the particular piece, artist or group; it's not about me. Despite thousands of hours spent in airless recording studios, I tend to favour working in more unconventional recording spaces such as houses, churches, boats etc.

Q. What is your approaching to mixing?

It depends where on the scale from 'Make the rough mix better' to 'Remix' it needs to go. However my focus is always on making the emotion or purpose of the music clearer and more definite. It's not about every element of the track being clear and balanced, but making the music do its thing. Bigger, brighter and louder isn't always better. It is sometimes, though.

Q. What is music?

Any form of organised sound.


Q. Favourite piece of music?
It's a three-way tie between Anahit by Giacinto Scelsi, East Hastings by Godspeed and anything by Barry White.


Q. Does gear matter?

Unfortunately, yes. However the choice of equipment, workflow and complete understanding is the most important thing.  Also why does no one ever talk about the room?

Q. What is your favourite plugin?
The one that changes the volume. Turning things up and down makes more difference than you would think.

Q. Have you been through the desert on a horse with no name?

Q. How do I work with you?

I'm always looking for new projects and collaborations so please feel free get in touch with me about anything via the contact page.